STEINBICHLER COMET L3D - Blue Light Scanning

Blue Light Scanning is a technology Featuring innovative LED lighting technology. The new ultra-portable sensor makes 3D data acquisition even faster, easier and more accurate.
Our L3D - Blue light Scanner from Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH, Germany, is superior in every aspect, providing excellent data quality with outstanding accuracy. The BLUE LED technology of the COMET LƎD sensor allows capturing up to 2M measurement points in only about 1.5 seconds. Parts with many features can be captured many times faster using this process than using conventional tactile systems.


Reverse engineering of products, assemblies or components, either for replication or for development of new design model for engineering, non-engineering applications.


Reverse engineering of Tools, Molds or Fixtures for reconstruction/repair or for component data extraction.


Data acquisition for Rapid Prototyping, Direct Metal Sintering or Rapid Milling.


Data acquisition for Dental, Orthopaedic or other medical applications.


Data acquisition for Jewellery, Optics, non-rigid/non-confirming articles which are otherwise difficult to measure.


Data archiving and documentation for art/historical objects and archaeology.


Quality Control / Inspection using Comparison of scan data with nominal CAD model.

3D Blue Light Scanning Mumbai - India